Sarah Palin vs Dennis Kucinich

22"X28", 2009

"One of “Caribou Barbie's” first acts in office was to place bounty on the heads of Alaskan wolves. But this was no ordinary massacre. Hunters in planes chase down wolf- packs until they're exhausted. Then they shoot them from the air, or land and execute them point-blank. Finally, they strap the wolf to a plane, cut off the wolf's left forearm, and bring it to Palin for their reward. These are compassionate conservatives?!?!

Vegan Congressman Dennis Kucinich tried to reason with blood-thirsty Palin: “The more that we practice violence, the more we lose our capacity to evolve to become the best that we can be. Violence is actually a form of separation from our higher natures.” Here! Here! "


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