Kathy Griffin and Friends:
Wine Section

A tribute by Elisa Vegliante
(original oil painting, 22" x 28", 2009)

Today, Kathy Griffin visits the "Wine Section" of California with her good friends Joan Rivers, Don Rickles and Brooke Shields.

As Kathy mugs for the camera, Joan and Brooke lift up her dress to sneak a peek at her "dick," while Don laughs approvingly.

Nearby, Main-Gay the pug watches his favorite television program, "The Sally Weaver Show", unaware that an eagle is about to swoop down and carry him off.

Meanwhile, Kathy's mom, Maggie, enjoys a glass of Merlot with Betty White.

Elsewhere, Cher and Bette Midler chase Paris "That's Hot!" Hilton, Lindsey "DUI" Lohan and Britney "Oops!" Spears out of Wine Country.

A good time was had by all!

Song of the Wine Section

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