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elisa vegliante

Combining the expressionism of Edvard Munch with the personal visual documentation of Frida Kahlo, Elisa Vegliante's unusual and provocative paintings merge elements of inner psychology with events in the material world to form a haunting, disturbing, enlightening and completely unique body of work.

"Ms. Vegliante's artwork is not mere craft, nor does it simply depict events and scenarios. Her paintings vividly illustrate the psychological and philosophical underpinnings of characters and events, the spiritual motivation behind things, rather than the things themselves. Her work is an ongoing cultural diary of Western Civlization's mass hysteria at the breaking point."

This website offers a small portion of my hundreds of paintings. Feel free to browse the images at your leisure. Interested parties may contact me regarding sales and exhibitons. At any rate, enjoy!

WARNING: The images on this website may be disturbing to certain individuals. Discretion is advised.

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